Of hijrahs, hijabs & hate comments

In a world obsessed with the outer form, it's no surprise that even the hijab has been reduced to just the outward modesty of a woman. A hijab can indicate many things but in the end, Allah knows best.

How my 2016 adventure happened

Ramblings on how my 2016 end-of-year adventure came to be. The first time planning your own holiday is definitely a good learning experience. How exactly does one plan an adventure?

220 Days of Grief

Grief is no linear process; it consists of peaks and dips. Some days you feel nothing and some days you feel everything all at once.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

An afternoon of kayaking with my sister not only turned out to be great fun but it helped me reflect on the relationship I had with my sister and how navigating through life is a lot like kayaking.