When The Going Gets Tough

I wanted to share how I get through the rough patches in my life because sometimes, it really does feel like everyone is either miserable or trying to cover up their misery with well-curated OOTDs and a quirky caption to follow. Life ain't always peachy. 

Of hijrahs, hijabs & hate comments

In a world obsessed with the outer form, it's no surprise that even the hijab has been reduced to just the outward modesty of a woman. A hijab can indicate many things but in the end, Allah knows best.

How my 2016 adventure happened

Ramblings on how my 2016 end-of-year adventure came to be. The first time planning your own holiday is definitely a good learning experience. How exactly does one plan an adventure?

220 Days of Grief

Grief is no linear process; it consists of peaks and dips. Some days you feel nothing and some days you feel everything all at once.