All Ears

Unplug those earphones for once. Trust me, it actually feels great to be in tune with the sounds around you. 

The Finer Details

Few of the reasons we get so emotional over foiled plans is the lack of farsightedness and trust in Divine Decree. Not everything happens the way we plan, most of the time, it's far better. ;)

A Colourful Struggle

I often miss out on the most enjoyable part of painting: the process itself. If my whole life is a masterpiece in the making, then I'm missing out on the best part. 

Reflecting on 2015

The end of every year always calls for a moment of reflection. 2015 ended quite brutally for me but I would be foolish if I said it hadn't taught me an abundance of invaluable lessons. 

Enjoying the present

Losing my cousin to cancer taught me just how precious time spent with my loved ones are. Don't take the time you've with your family for granted.

Rest well, Lil

A tribute to one of the bravest and kindest men I know who fought a fierce battle with cancer. The hearts of everyone he has touched will never be the same again. 


It's so easy to be absorbed in our own world at times. When you get the chance to snap out of it, why not shift your attention to someone else and make their day? 


Changes can make anyone feel uneasy especially if they're not something you wanted or foresaw coming. For what it's worth: changes are necessary and they can be the best thing to happen to you.