Hi. apa khabar?

Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll find something that you can relate to. Who knows, there could be other souls out there who think a little too much and feel a little too deeply, just like me. 


I'm not too sure whether it's just because I'm a maternal freak, but being around my younger brother and cousins — or 'baby brother' and 'baby cousins' as I like to call them — makes me so happy. 

Whenever they're around, it's like someone injected me with a dose of enthusiasm for life. All of a sudden, life is an adventure. It's playtime 24/7. Stress and worries out the window.

I learn a LOT from being around my baby brother and cousins. Sometimes their wit and burning curiousity teaches me to view life in a different light. They're just so BRIGHT and it's always such a pleasure to spend time with them.

Although sometimes I do wonder why they insist on bugging me in my room when there are many other rooms in the house plus other people to bug! But hey, their silliness never fail to put a smile on my face.

All three of em' are over 10 years of age now meaning it won't be long until their hormones kick in, they become all manly and strive hard to be the cool guy in school. WAHHH. Baby brother, I know you read my blog — stay innocent as long as you can, ok? :(

Tired, but smiling.

Day 16