Hi. apa khabar?

Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll find something that you can relate to. Who knows, there could be other souls out there who think a little too much and feel a little too deeply, just like me. 

They all grow up so fast

Whenever I'm back home in Malaysia, I always make an effort to spend time with my younger siblings. If they're bored; I drag them out. If I'm out; I ask them what food they want me to bring back. I always feel that they're growing up SO fast. 

Can you believe that my 12-year-old brother is now nearly my height?? I'm 5"3. Six months ago he was considerably shorter than me and squeaky. His voice has now cracked so he's croakier than a frog. My baby brother's all grown up, guys!!! :'(

Of course, I can't stop the course of nature. I just wish to be a part of their lives so that when they look back they can remember their big sister being a part of their childhood/teenhood. 

Just last Sunday, I sent my baby sister off to boarding school. She decided to follow my footsteps and head over to boarding school for sixth form. I cried like a baby the night before she went off. I KNOW, I know. SUCH a drama queen. 

I left her a little message in her 'new' room:
Back to my lil bro — he still finds girls icky. Whether he finds his kakak (sister) icky or not, I always make him sleep next to me. He has no choice! And we always have this pre-bedtime routine — it's usually a movie or some board game.

Two nights ago, we played Scrabble on his iPad while tucked under the covers. It was a 2-player game but guess who decided to sibuk and join?
My cat named Alpha. He's the most manja cat I know. He's incredibly persistent in getting anyone's affection and he HATES being ignored. That's probably the reason why he wanted to play Scrabble as well. 

Alpha's also another one who's grown up so fast. Alpha has 2 other siblings (Romeo & Sprint) and I've had the 3 of them since they were newborns. Anyone could have held all three of them with both hands! 
Now they're too big and heavy. 
But still, growing up is an inevitable process. We're not innocent and naive forever. I get all teary thinking of how quickly my younger siblings are growing and I'm not even their mother! Can you imagine ME having actual kids? I'd cry everyday.

Oh lookie here... guess who just jumped right next to me as I'm typing this post?  
Good to know that Alpha will always need me. I love that cat. 

Day 16

Unwanted visitors