Hi. apa khabar?

Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll find something that you can relate to. Who knows, there could be other souls out there who think a little too much and feel a little too deeply, just like me. 


Being away from home can be quite upsetting when you're thousands of miles away from your family. I'm thankful to have cousins in London who I can reunite with whenever I want to

 but when I'm back in Kent...

THIS is my family.
Introducing the housemates from right: Ferouz | Wasila | Hafsa

Living with these three are a joy. We get along and we understand each others' moods and characters so well that if one of us is feeling crap, we'd know straight away. We cook and clean for each other, do each other's hair, cry in each others' presence. We're like sisters minus the bickering.

Although all three of them are British their ethnicities are different. Yes, just how not all Asians come from China, not all Africans are from the same country. There seem to be this terrible generalisation that Africans are from ONE country. They're not. 

Africa is a CONTINENT and 54 countries make up the African Union. Although geographically these countries are close to one another; their languages, customs, politics and economies differ from country to country. 

Ferouz's family comes from Ethiopia while Wasila and Hafsa's family comes from Ghana. Ferouz is Orthodox Christian while Wasila and Hafsa are Muslims. 

From living with them, I've realised that we share the same values in terms of family, education and faith. We learnt how all our parents instilled the same moral values in us and were all equally as strict. We laugh so much when discussing the things we were unfairly scolded for when we were kids. And yes, both African and Asian parents beat their kids. 

We may originate from different continents but we have so many cultural similarities. Ghanaians and Malays especially! Hafsa and I've this inside joke that I'm Ghanaysian. Did you know both Malaysia and Ghana gained independence in the same year (1957)? 

Over the time my housemates and I've lived together; we've taught each other basic words in our mother tongues. So when I get annoyed at any one of them and tell them that they're mengada, they'll know what I mean. 

All four of us also know each other's national cuisines. Just the other day, this happened:
And so I did. 
 With some sambal udang, one of my favourite dishes.
That wok of nasi goreng was supposed to last us for days. But it finished in an hour. Whoops.

It keeps coming back

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