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Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll find something that you can relate to. Who knows, there could be other souls out there who think a little too much and feel a little too deeply, just like me. 

Life without Facebook

We currently live in a time of hybrid cars, ready meals and social media. No one really keeps an address book anymore unless it's the one on their phones. How many phone numbers have you ACTUALLY memorised? Your parents' and Dominoes delivery don't count fyi.

I've been going on and off Facebook between 2010 and 2012. But a couple days before my birthday last year, I thought, you know what? Just get off FB for good. It'll make your life easier.

And I did! It's now been a year since I've deleted my Facebook account. 
So if you see any FB accounts with my name or pictures, please believe that it is fake because I've been off FB for officially a year! Ok ok, I bet you're sitting there thinking 'Why the hell did you do it?!' Well... It was a lot of things, to be honest. 

1) It was a huge distraction for one. 
2) Despite the privacy settings, I still felt a little exposed. I value my privacy and I don't like people knowing many details about my life. Plus, the privacy settings are so complicated!

3) Too many FB friends of mine posted things which no one really cares about for example:

And sure, I could hide it from my feed but no matter what, more and more people posted things which annoyed me. I would go more into detail but then... orang akan terasa pula kan. Oleh itu, baik saya senyap.

4) I think FB and any other kinds of social media brings out the exhibitionist in you.  
There are pros and cons to being an exhibitionist. To those who are naturally shy or have a low self-esteem, this could mean finding a platform to build your confidence. Woohoo, everybody's happy. Uhh, not quite.

I think FB sometimes makes you feel pressured to be or feel a certain way. According to a study by sociologist Hui-Tzu Grace Chou, FB gives people the impression that others are happier than you are thus why you feel low and envious when you compare yourself to others.

Peeps, let me put it out there. I'm one of those people who feel crap about myself when I compare myself to others. Who wouldn't?! It's unhealthy and absolutely no one should do it. But with FB, you can't help but question whether you're doing things right. So and so achieved this, why haven't I done the same?? Omg I'm such a failure! 

5) Getting stupid FB messages from people you barely know

Ok, who here's been asked out by a guy on FB? How pathetic/weird/creepy is THAT. I honestly hate it. What's worse is if you barely know them. I've attended schools where everyone kinda knows everyone even if you're not close buddies with them. 

Everyone's a mutual friend so declining a friend request is like slapping them in the face thus why I had tons of mutual friends on my FB who I barely knew! Which brings me to the next point:

6) Unwanted friend requests

Yes, I know you've the option of declining a friend request but what if you see that person all the time and yet you don't want him/her on your FB friends list? Ahhh. What if s/he is known to be judgmental, bitchy or annoying?? Ahhh. Things like that just make me go gaga. It's a completely stupid thing to stress over, of course. But it's one of those things that bugs you anyhow. 

The list goes on but those are the main points. I know my reasons for getting rid of FB probably won't apply to many people but if you can come up with a list of reasons why you hate FB then... you're probably better off without it. ;)

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