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Review: Lush Sweetie Pie

I don't have many staple products in my bathroom because I love trying out new things all the time. However, I'm seriously hooked with Lush's Sweetie Pie shower jelly. As soon as I finish one, I'll quickly get another. I just love its blackberry scent, makes me want to eat it while I'm in the shower! It literally comes in the form of jelly so if you're wondering how to use it, I usually cut mine into strips and take each strip out and squish them into a loofah every time I shower. Don't be an idiot like me; the first time I used it, I was struggling to lather it up into bubbles because the jelly strips kept escaping from my hands. So MAJOR tip: use a loofah. Other plus points? It's all natural so you're doing your skin and environment a favour.