hi. apa khabar?

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Big flying cats

It was only two weeks ago that I returned to, Malaysia, and aside from battling jet lag and doing uni work, I’ve had the pleasure of spending much needed quality time with my siblings. Also, my best friend and I’ve enrolled in cooking classes and I’m in the process of getting my driver’s license (finally right?!).
Not gonna lie, I’m spoilt. I prefer to be driven around because parking can be such a fuss and my dad’s always so willing to drop me off wherever I need to be. I’ve also been hearing all sorts of frightening news about car windows being smashed at a red light. That’s insane. I don’t want that paranoia while driving!

But crimes aside, driving is still a useful skill to have. One of my biggest motivations to get my license is so that I can pick my little sister and brother up from school. I also want to be able to drive them around when they get bored. You know, those long drives around town where you play awesome music and laugh about everything.

My dad still takes my siblings and I on those. He would drive through the old parts of town that no one goes through anymore and we would be in awe of this long, lost world that’s been hiding from us all this while.

Back to learning how to drive – I’m scared I’ll scratch my dad’s car after getting my license. I’m scared of a lot of things actually. Why can’t there be big flying cats to take me to places??
Ah, that would be a dream come true for a die-hard cat lover like me.

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