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Get rich or die trying

Get rich or die trying

During a conversation with a friend a few days ago, we somehow ended up talking about fake and two-faced gold-diggers that exist in our society. Think those who are money and power hungry.

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One of the reasons I love being away from KL is because I like being secluded and being in a busy city, I bump into people all the time. As an introvert, I find that rather stressful. I love having a small number of friends; that's fine by me. I also enjoy being surrounded by family members a lot.

I don't have a large social circle but the friends that I do have constantly remind me to be a good and honest person. I've a good mix of friends from all ethnic/religious backgrounds: English, British African, British Afro-Carribean, Malaysians, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics... my circle of friends is a microcosm of the whole world!

I choose good, morally-sound people to be my friends. I don't judge people based on where they come from, their skin colour or religion. Sometimes you've to understand that good morals are practised by all sorts of people and they can have a very different lifestyle from you.

I know who's a good friend if they can frankly tell me I'm being horrible when I am and you need that. To GROW you can't get compliments all the time; you need to hear the truth even if its harsh. You also need constant reminders because we forget. 

A lot of my uni friends and I have had that talk about what we're going to do after graduating. How are we going to earn our source of income? Do we care what we work as? Jobs don't come easy (even more so in England) so if times get desperate, what lengths will we go to to earn some $$$?

I know to sustain a comfortable lifestyle is very difficult. Sometimes I find myself deciding on whether to choose a job that can earn me a lot of money or a low-paying job that helps a lot of people. Such decisions are hard to make when you need money to live with ease. Insurance, bills and bank statements don't pay by themselves.

My ex-housemates and I made a promise that we'll always advice each other if any of us is acting out of line. What if one of us becomes super rich and successful? It's a hard truth to swallow but money changes the best of us. That girl/guy who you thought would be humble forever sometimes don't stay that way. They can get quite nasty. 

Money's a blessing, a privilege and a necessity but how you choose to spend and earn that wealth is important, too. My mum always advise me to 'cari duit halal' and I can only pray that I don't go astray from her advice because in the end, you don't only want to achieve wealth. You want to achieve a sense of achievement and earn respect.

No matter how much money you have; you can't buy respect, class or your dignity with it. I think it's a pity when those who have wealth aren't responsible with it and I can't stress enough just how important giving back to society is. Being charitable won't make you poor, I promise you that.

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