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Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll find something that you can relate to. Who knows, there could be other souls out there who think a little too much and feel a little too deeply, just like me. 

Growing up

Growing up

The process of growing up is not really straight forward. There are plenty of bumps along the way, you screw up here and there, cry a little and then you're forced to learn from your mistakes and move on. What exactly does it MEAN to grow up?

I always assumed that as you grow older, you'll naturally get better at things like judging character, managing stress and avoiding trouble. While that is true to an extent, I think a huge part of being mature is acceptance.

Things you've to accept in order to GROW:

It takes a certain level of maturity to look at your life from A-Z and be ok with it. The first step to learning from your mistakes is to actually accept the fact that you screwed up along way. Grown ups take responsibility for their actions. Kids don't.

And yet, many grown ups act like kids. Have you ever observed 2 adults arguing over something so stupid and thought to yourself 'all of this can easily be solved if they both acknowledged what they did wrong and reach a compromise.'

Compromise. Unless you're the CEO of whichever company, you can't always have your way even if it's the best idea ever since sliced bread. Nooo ma'am. Set your ego aside and negotiate. I hate not having my way just as much as you probably do but you can't get your way all the time. Plus, no one likes a nag.

Next, you gotta learn to accept every bit of you.

Not my actual weight (or is it...?)

You've to learn to accept whatever you perceive as your flaws. You also have to understand that whichever quality of yours which you think is imperfect; most people probably don't. A lot of times, the only thing stopping you from excelling is due to the irrational fear that you're NOT good enough.

You think you're not pretty enough. Smart enough. Charismatic enough. Well, focus on your strongest points and try and improve on your weaker points. Me? I know writing is something I do well so I put a lot of time and effort into it. Something I'm not 100% satisfied with? My body. So I make running and yoga a frequent thing.

Accept that everyone has certain advantages BECAUSE we're all different..

Pretend that you're a glass of chilled mineral water and the people around you are other types of drinks. Compared to bubble tea or lemonade, you probably think you're nothing compared to them. WRONG. Mineral water is far healthier and is the best thing for your body.

Point is, don't envy others or try and get what they have. I often thing that we live in a world where not only things are mass produced, but so are the people living in it. There is no fixed formula for success. There is no fixed mould for beauty OR brains. FORGET society's expectations.

I think if we all learn to appreciate that we are our own person, we can get pretty far in life! You don't have to please everyone you meet. Don't get caught up in expectations and unnecessary pressures. You can't go far if you stress over the wrong things. So here's to growing up guys... I still have loads to learn.

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