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Pray for MH370

I had to be up super early for a Pandu Puteri (Girl Guide) event yesterday morning in Sungai Petani, Kedah. While texting my best friend about my day she asked me whether I heard about the missing MAS airplane. 

I immediately checked my twitter feed since I follow every possible news network in existence—something you'd do if you were a journalism student. 

I kept refreshing my twitter feed throughout my busy Saturday. It's been 48 hours since the MH370 was reported missing and still no sign of the missing aircraft. 

As a frequent flier of Malaysia Airlines, a Malaysian citizen and a fellow human being, I truly sympathise with the passengers and crew on MH370 and their family and friends. I can't begin to imagine their disbelief and despair.

What's worse than losing a loved one is not knowing their fate. About a million things can be going through your mind at a time like this. While our national (and international authorities) are doing their best to find the missing aircraft, the best WE can do is pray for the safety of the crew and passengers and give our love and support to those affected.

In spite of this tragedy, it's so heartwarming to see us Malaysians come together to give our support. Despite the minority that stir racial and political tension in our country, I know for a fact that us Malaysians are good people and that we love each other.

I've never been taught in school to see my friends of other races as someone lesser than me. The best part about being Malaysian is our diversity. We are united when the lives of our people are at stake. Lets stick together during this tough time.

I'm aware that despite this heartbreaking situation, there are still people out there who are very insensitive with what they've to say about this situation. Lets NOT pay attention to these heartless (and frankly, brainless) individuals.  

The daughter of one of the air stewards is on Twitter so let's send her POSITIVE messages and offer her plus everyone else that are affected our prayers and kind thoughts.

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