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Of Leadership & Teamwork

If I asked you to picture a leader in your head, chances are, you already know someone who fits the bill. You already know why they have what it takes to lead the pack. There's something about them that exudes the essence of a leader.

At the back of your mind, you've probably compared yourself to them as well. 'Well, I'm not like them. I can't possibly lead.' I've always admired confident people; those who're never afraid to speak up and at times, even be silly in front of everyone.

At the Helen Storrow seminar, participants were asked to list out characteristics of a good leader. Most of us felt that being compassionate and approachable were as important as being confident and assertive.

We were also taught the different styles of leadership. Turns out, different situations require different types of leadership. We're often quick to think that being assertive (or bossy!) is an effective way of leading.

WRONG. Many work-place situations actually require good communication, the exchange of ideas and every team member being appreciated. Good leadership and teamwork go hand in hand. A leader without a pack is just a tyrant, basically.
One of the key things I learnt about leadership from the seminar is that there really is no fixed mould for a good leader. Good leaders come and go in history and they all had different ways of leading the crowd.

But the most important thing a leader can do is touch the hearts of others. 
A leader has greater influence over people when they are respected. Respect is earned. Therefore values such as integrity, sincerity and compassion are not separate from leadership.

From my experience, I've the utmost respect for passionate people. Those who truly love what they do. Somehow, it's those that inject love into what they do that have their values and morals in check. Don't just be a leader, be a GOOD GREAT one. 

A great leader will never fail to inspire the next generation of leaders. Think about that. 

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