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Women Leaders

It's been AGES since I've updated my blog but I've a very good excuse. I just came back from a seminar in Switzerland and before then, I was very busy preparing for it. I do apologise for the long wait but I'm beyond excited to share every single detail of my trip.

First thing's first, I attended the 9th Helen Storrow seminar; a leadership/environmental programme which takes in a max. of 40 participants each time. They usually don't take in more than 2 from each member organisation (country). Also, you have to be a girl guide or girl scout to qualify.

Their tagline is "Young women leading for a greener future." It's an intensive programme that helps develop your leadership skills while providing you with the knowledge/skills that you'll need when fighting for change: campaigning methods, change management, fund development, etc.

The flags below represent each country the participants were from. Spot Malaysia!
We had to wait a couple of days for all the snow to melt for us to take a decent group picture. All the girl guides/scouts were dressed in their uniform for the group photo. The ladies at the very front row were the facilitators and planning team members.
During the course of the seminar, participants were grouped into different patrols.

The patrol which I had the utmost privilege of working with:
From left: Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Tanzania and Hong Kong.

Each patrol had members from each region: Western hemisphere, Asia Pacific, Africa region and Arab region. It was a privilege working with each and every one of them because I honestly can't remember the last time I was in a room with so many positive young women who just want a better world as much as I do!
We also got the chance to work closely with participants within our own regions. 
Asia Pacific | From left: Singapore, Maldives, Hong Kong, Malaysia (yay me), Japan and Sri Lanka. Missing is Australia.

I'm so glad a good friend of mine from Girl Guides urged me to try my luck in applying for this seminar. I must confess, I was pretty nervous about the whole thing because I'm not great at dealing with new people but all the girls I met were just so supportive and non-judgmental.

Joining Girl Guides Association of Malaysia has got to be one of the greatest decisions I made after graduating. I've met some really amazing women and young girls in the process and I've been doing some pretty awesome things. You really do feel part of a positive force when you're a girl guide!

More on the Helen Storrow Seminar in my next post...

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