Hi. apa khabar?

Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll find something that you can relate to. Who knows, there could be other souls out there who think a little too much and feel a little too deeply, just like me. 


The Malaysian population is made up of various religious and ethnic backgrounds. We have the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Bidayuhs, Ibans, Kelabits—and more! In short: we're a very DIVERSE bunch of people.

With different ethnicities, there are also different religious backgrounds. Yes, there are unnecessary politics that certain parties try to inflict on Malaysians but that aside, there really are a lot of POSITIVE things I've learnt from simply being Malaysian.

Whenever I go up Kledang Hill, there are so many places of prayer for Taoists.
It felt like every 500 metres I walked, there was a 'prayer place'. Every time a hiker passed by one of these shrines, they'd press their hands together and bow down before quickly resuming their hike. Someone please correct me if those are actually Buddhist shrines (I wish I could read Chinese characters).

My birthplace Ipoh, is such a special place to me. It's the capital of Perak and Chinese people are the ethnic majority so it's not surprising that we've a lot of Chinese schools and Buddhist/Taoist temples over here.

Living in a multicultural society has taught me a lot about coexistence and the beauty of diversity. It's important to respect and learn how to accommodate others. There's a time and place for debate and there's also a time to live and let live.

As I watch all the hikers go up and down the hill, I realise just how beautiful the human race is. How wonderful it is that we're not the same and yet we're equals in humanity. Isn't it sobering to know that although we may have different views and beliefs, grief and happiness are all the same to us?

It's pretty arrogant to mock others for their different views and beliefs and then expect them to somehow respect you in return. Life is hard enough as it is; we all have our own ways of understanding the meaning of life and making sense of this world that we live in.

For some it's subscribing to a religion and worshipping a deity while some believe in the goodwill of their friends and family. Either way, we all live life in a way that makes sense to us. Everyone goes through unique life experiences so it shouldn't come as a shock that we're all comforted by different things.

I think if we all tried a little harder to understand each other perhaps we wouldn't be so scared of the unknown.....

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