Hi. apa khabar?

Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll find something that you can relate to. Who knows, there could be other souls out there who think a little too much and feel a little too deeply, just like me. 

Long conversations

They say the key to a healthy relationship/friendship is communication. I think that's true especially for us girls who are naturally chattier. It's good to acknowledge the other person's existence and what goes in their lives every now and then no matter how busy you are.

We live in a very fast-paced world; what more if you live in the city. Deadlines, catching buses, beating rush hour and downing your food in 15 minutes. It's just go go go! I think all these things can potentially cause people to drift apart.

The solution is simple really: a long conversation over coffee (or good food). Ain't that hard! Yesterday, I had brunch with my best friend Sya before heading back to Ipoh at Jibby & Co. A really NICE place with even nicer food. You've got to try it!
But of course it'd be even nicer if Sya put her phone away... HELLOOOO.
I told her a few years back (when she was even more attached to her BlackBerry) that if she didn't put it away during our coffee dates, I'd throw it onto the road so that it'd get run over by a car. I still stand by those words. 

There was a time when I'd pretty much blog about food all the time. I took pictures of what I ate almost EVERYDAY. At one point, my friends asked if I aspired to be a food blogger. Awkward... So I vowed to ditch the food posts and this one's the first in a long time!

Anyway, going back to the topic of friendships. My mum once told me that once you enter adulthood, everything happens really fast. She advised me to maintain friendships with good people because when everyone starts working it's likely I'll see them less and less.

While I'm on my gap year, my bestie is doing her CLP so that she can be a practicing lawyer. My schedule's a bit unpredictable. Sometimes I'm in 2-3 states in one day whereas other times I'm just stuck in one place for weeks. It can get quite unsettling sometimes!

Despite all of that, it's been wonderful so far and I can't complain. I've done so many AMAZING things since I graduated last fall and I'm not planning on slowing down. Hey, it's not everyday you get the freedom to do everything you love.

Hiking shoes

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