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Wisdom from Beyoncé

I'm a HUGE fan of Beyoncé. I genuinely believe there's a Beyoncé or Destiny's Child song for every occasion in your life and every possible emotion the human body experiences. Trust me, it's out there. 

My love for her music aside, I think she's a very inspirational woman—she's an established artist, a wife, a mother, a feminist, she's won 17 Grammy Awards and she's even more amazing during a live performance. 

Her self-titled album is genius. I bought it when it first came out on iTunes—that album is still on constant replay. There are some (some, not all) very deep songs in there so it's a must buy for anyone who critically analyses lyrics like I do (English Literature student, whaddup). 

There's a series of videos explaining what the album is about on her YouTube channel—my favourite being Part 2: IMPERFECTION. I've taken out some of the things she said which I thought everyone could benefit from.

❝ At that time I was 9 years old and I didn't realise that you could actually work super hard and give everything you have and LOSE. It was the best message for me. The reality is, sometimes you lose. You're never too good to lose... too big to lose... too smart to lose. It happens and it happens when it needs to happen and you've to embrace those things. ❞ 

When talking about her character in the video for Pretty Hurts: 

❝ I had an image of these trophies and me accepting these awards and training myself to be this champion and at the end of the day when you go through all of these things, is it worth it? ❞

❝ When you get this trophy and you're like: I basically starved, I've neglected all of the people that I love, I've conformed to what everybody else thinks I should be and I've this trophy. What does that mean? ❞

❝ The trophy represents all the sacrifices I made as a kid, all the time that I lost being on the road, in the studios as a child and I just want to blow that shit up. ❞
source: hiphophollywood

❝ I've a lot of awards and I've a lot of these things which are amazing. I work my ass off. I work harder than probably anybody I know to get those things but nothing feels like my child saying 'Mummy!' Nothing feels like when I look into my husband's eyes. Nothing feels like when I'm respected. ❞

❝ At this point in my life, that's what I'm striving for: growth, love, happiness, fun. Enjoy your life; it's short. That's the message. ❞
I love how she mentioned that no one's "too good to lose." I think that should remind all of us to remain humble because if we don't, life will definitely find a way to teach us how to be. "Embrace" losing, she said. Yes, because in actuality, success can sometimes be pretty superficial. It's so easy for people to get caught up in ambitions and achievements and miss out on the joys of life. I respect those career-minded folks who are practically married to their work but I personally don't want to end up being a corporate slave. Having said that, I know what I want and what I'll actually end up doing are completely different things. My goal in life is to have a balanced life and be able to just enjoy living.

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