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22 lessons by 22

I turn 22 today, peeps. I had the best time ever being 21; taking a gap year after a uni was the best choice ever. Although I'm only 22, I've learnt a TON of things from all that I've experienced so far so I decided to make a list of the lessons I've learnt. Hopefully, my younger readers (or older) will be able to benefit from this post. In no specific order, here it goes:

#1 Be independent
The older I get the more I realise that the best help I can receive is 
ultimately from myself. The sooner everyone realises this the better. 
You only realise just how strong you are when you decide to help

#2 You become who you're friends with
The transformation doesn't always happen immediately but it does
happen sooner or later. If you've friends that are immature or aren't
long-sighted you'll never grow. 

#3 The little things you do everyday adds up
I've realised by changing my eating habits and exercising at least 30
minutes everyday makes such a big difference in the long run. The
smallest changes in your routine do bear results. But be consistent.

#4 Look forward to small things
I haven't started working yet but my friends who've said their lives
do become a bit dull with their 9-5 or 12 hour jobs. I travel every
week and it gets hectic but looking forward to tea or coffee actually
makes my day!
#5 Focus on the positives
There are some really nasty people out there with equally nasty 
opinions. You see it on the news and you see it on social media. The 
world is only crap if you're always bashing what you hate. Promote
what you love and just be POSITIVE.

#6 Laugh & smile a lot
Watch hilarious vines and YouTube videos. Nothing beats the blues
like a good laughing session. Also, spend time with people who make
you smile and laugh. 

#7 Get to know your older relatives
You're getting older and so are they. Get to know your grandparents
or your aunts/uncles. Time spent with them is never wasted. They're
not going to be around forever so cherish every moment spent with
#8 Make memories; capture happy moments
Spend time with your girlfriends, siblings or parents. Take pictures. Print
them out. Make a scrapbook. As soon as you enter adulthood, time sure
flies. Pictures remind you of happy memories whenever you're walking
down memory lane.

#9 Keep in touch with your friends
It's a waste to lose touch with your school friends. I've changed numbers
over the years and deleted my FB so it's quite challenging to make contact
with many of my friends but I've been getting a hold of all their numbers
recently and making time for them. 

#10 Avoid arguments
Especially pointless ones. Just don't. Everyone's entitled to their opinions
so bite your tongue and just ignore people's silly statements because high
blood pressure ain't sexy.
#11 Discover new hobbies 
My interests have changed SO much in the past couple of years. I used to be
SO timid and hated trying out new things but I've turned into an adrenaline 
junkie as of recently. You keep things fresh and interesting when you try out
new things frequently. If you're shy, grab a friend.

#12 Don't compromise who you are to impress others
When trying to impress others you often try to be someone that you're
not so don't. The people worth keeping in your life are those that appreciate
every part of you, even your crazy antics. Why put unnecessary pressure
on yourself?

#13 Take your health seriously
What you put on your skin, in your body and do to your body will either
benefit you or haunt you as you age. You only have one chance to take
care of the ONE body that you have. Don't blow it!

#14 Be patient. 
Sometimes hard work takes time to pay off but that's no reason to be put
off from your goals and dreams in life. I believe that patience is the key
to being a strong and successful person.

#15 Don't justify your problems. Find solutions.
Yes, there's an explanation to all of life's problems but when you start to
justify the crappy situations you're in, you tend to delay the process of
fixing the problem. Accept the predicament you're in and see what you
can immediately do to fix the situation.

#16 Follow your instincts
My instincts have never let me down. Whenever a little voice is telling you
something is wrong or there's a weird feeling at the pit of your stomach, listen
to it.

#17 Give back to society
Be a person that humanity can benefit from. You don't have to go as far as
being a UN ambassador—try recycling, volunteering or donating your
old clothes to orphans. The smallest deeds make the biggest difference.

#18 Make no time for sadness
Whenever you're feeling crap, get busy. Take a shower. Bake. Go for a
run. The mind can wander into darkness when it's not occupied so keep
busy. Time spent being unhappy is time wasted.

#19 BE someone that you'd like to meet
When people think of you do they smile or feel dreadful? Be the change you
want to see in this world. Be someone who people can trust and confide in.

#20 Be grateful
There are a million things to be grateful for. I find that even on crappy
days, taking just a moment to to appreciate what's right in my life actually
cheers me up. Bersyukur.

#21 Don't rush things.
Good things take time to cultivate. Whether it's work, relationships or I dunno,
painting. Don't rush it. I used to think I had a time to limit to do or achieve
certain things but most important things in life happen naturally.

#22 Love yourself.
Just like lesson #1, I've realised that the older I become the more I don't want
to depend on others for validation. Am I actually going to spend my whole life
depending on what others think, say or do to make me to feel good? Screw that.
It's hard for people to love you if you can't love yourself.


Alright now, I'm going to spend the day feeling 22. Can you believe that Taylor
Swift is in Malaysia on the day that I'm 22? HAH. So brilliant.

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