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MH17 - Another Awful Tragedy

Tragedy struck an airlines close to the heart of Malaysians yet again on Thursday night. MH17 was shot down by perpetrators still unconfirmed by media and authorities. All on board did not survive the crash. Inna llilahi wainna ilayhi rajioon. My deepest sympathies to every victim plus the families and friends of those affected.

Just 5 months ago, our country mourned over the disappearance of MH370. Many lives were affected. Malaysians of all religions came together in hope and prayer. Friends and family members close to me who didn't even have friends and family on board that flight shed tears because although we knew none of those affected, we knew how it felt to lose someone you love.

You don't need to share the same ethnicity, religion or nationality as someone to feel their pain; you just need to have a HEART. Calamities can strike one's life at any given hour and I'm a firm believer of fate and I trust God's will. It's what keeps me positive and moving forward in life.

On Friday, Mufti Menk gave a talk at TTDI's local mosque and he touched the subject of calamities in light of MH17 and how Muslims should react to it. I have the highest degree of respect for Mufti Menk because he always speaks with such wisdom and positivity.

We live in a world where it's becoming so UNSAFE. Wars and conflicts are abundant and to what avail? How much destruction and loss of lives can we take before enough is enough? I'm not one who even likes arguments, let alone something as catastrophic as war. In this month of Ramadan, I urge everyone to not just pray for peace in this world but BE the change they want to see.

Be a kind soul. Achieving world peace begins within the hearts of every single individual on earth. The earth we live on now is borrowed and one day we will return it. To whom you may ask? The future generation. Our children. Please, let's leave behind a better world for them.

It's in the flaws

Ramadan Kareem 2014