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Dragon sickness

Dragon sickness

Note: This blog post would make a lot more sense if you've actually watched or read The Hobbit.

I'm a MASSIVE fan of The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. I thought Peter Jackson did a great job with the LOTR trilogy and when was released in cinemas, I watched it twice. Or maybe thrice, I can't even remember. 

What I found to be quite profound was when Thorin became infected with dragon sicknessa condition which made him lust uncontrollably for gold and in the process, corrupted his morals and good values. 

Bilbo is right; you cannot see what you’ve become. You sit now with a crown on your head and yet you’re lesser now than you’ve ever been before.”

”This treasure will be your death.”

”If more people valued their home more than they valued gold the world would be a better place.

Dragon sickness may be a fictitious term for overwhelming greed in Middle Earth but it certainly has its roots placed in reality. It's unfortunate but dragon sickness exists. Greed is a real force of evil in this world and frankly, I'm disappointed with anyone who compromises their integrity for wealth.

I've been raised to be grateful for wealth but never to glorify it. I wish more people knew that although one cannot survive without money, you certainly can't achieve a happier life by prioritising it above your family and friends or your integrity. 

I've been unlucky enough in my lifetime to have already come across so many who have disregarded their work ethics for the sake of money. I've observed people who neglected their loved ones for money. I've learned about leaders who did not serve their followers because they were too blinded by wealth and power.

Just like the dragon in The Hobbit, gold or wealth make fools out of men. Dragons have no practical use for gold nor do they actually benefit from it, yet they guard it with their lives and mercilessly avenge those who try to steal it from them. Greed has the potential to be a manic obsession.

Although wealth certainly serves a practical purpose in our daily lives, we've to be cautious to not let something so transient transform us into someone whose worth or ambitions solely revolve around riches. It's ludicrous to let something impermanent have that much control over us. 

Wealth comes and goes. When it goes, what do you have left? Who do you go running to? When it disappears, what else do you've to be proud of? Is it the only thing that defines you? Is it the only impressive thing about you? Just a few questions to ponder on... 

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