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Beauty Attracts Beauty

Beauty Attracts Beauty


I was jogging the other day and stopped in my tracks when I saw the prettiest pink hibiscus; I always get excited when I see a hibiscus in another colour other than red. They’re stunning aren’t they? I know many will fall for its charm the way I did.

I’ve always found the law of attraction fascinating. I ask myself: why do certain people attract a very specific kind of individual or group of people? Or in another scenario: person A is so nice but why is s/he always inviting horrible people into his/her life? What does that mean?

Dishonest and wicked people exist everywhere and sometimes it can’t be helped if you cross paths with them or are forced to deal with them at a personal or professional capacity on a regular basis. But you do have more control on who gets access to your close, personal space i.e. friends, lovers, spouses, etc.

I’m a strong believer of the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’. No matter who you grew up with, who you went to school or college with, you always have a choice on who becomes your close companions and it’s crucial that you choose wisely.

How do you define a close companion?

  • Someone you allow to have a place in your heart. And whoever has a place in your heart has the power to influence it and as a result, transform your whole character and outlook on life.

There is currently 7.6 billion people living on this planet. Don’t simply allow anyone to have a place in your heart just because you want company or crave some kind of close-bond. Be selective.

What kind of people are you normally attracted to?


The beauty that you perceive is a reflection of the beauty which you already have inside of you. If you’re drawn to those who love Allāh passionately, know that you yourself possess great love for Him and in return, He loves you back. We can recognise something because we already have it in us. Ever heard the saying: “takes one to know one?”

If you’re drawn to those who are corrupt, know that there is corruption in your heart, and your relationship with Allāh has been corrupted, too. If we start to truly contemplate on the current state of this world, you would know it’s a direct reflection of the current spiritual state of humanity as a whole.

As I grow older, I learn to blame the external less and less and ask myself: what am I doing, starting with myself, in order to improve the world around me? Am I really that better than the people I dislike? If I’ve invited someone bad in my life, I ask myself: what is it about me that attracts such a person?

I’ve read somewhere once that the ego always sees itself as a victim but the higher-self will always takes responsibility and rises above every difficult situation—this is something I’m still learning to master.


Everything in this universe is but a mirror to reflect your inner-state and your inner-state reflects where you stand with the Almighty. Isn’t that beautiful? There really isn’t a place on earth that does not have signs directing us back to Allāh. But how do we see the signs? How can we learn to look pass people’s masks and straight to their very essence? How can we be drawn to true beauty and not be deceived by what is fake?

You start to see clearly when your heart is alive. Dhikr (remembrance of Allāh) is what keeps the qalb (spiritual heart) alive. When you live your life sincerely for His sake, and not to please your ego, there is a whole world waiting to reveal itself to you.

Until then, everything else you see is just the surface and the surface can be decorated and distorted in different ways to hide what’s truly inside. I am reminded of this scene from Karate Kid (2010) which I thought goes so well with this post.

Dre Parker: I thought you were just a maintenance man.

Mr. Han: You think only with your eyes, so you are easy to fool.

P.S. If you haven’t watched The Karate Kid (the 2010 one), you totally should. I’m so moved by it!

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