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Welcome to my blog. I hope you'll find something that you can relate to. Who knows, there could be other souls out there who think a little too much and feel a little too deeply, just like me. 

What it takes to change

What it takes to change


If it's not obvious to you already, I hope it is now: I'm horrible at blogging consistently. I've no excuses guys, I simply have to work harder on this. This year, one of my New Year resolutions was to write regularly on my newspaper column, my IG AND my blog. It started off well but then came April and it all started to dwindle. Again, I've no excuses. I'm a firm believer of making time for what you want to do. Back in uni, despite the mad workload, I used to blog every single day without fail.

There's really no such thing as "not enough time". I read somewhere once that if you have "no time" to do something, it simply isn't a priority for you at that moment. Because we can have work piling up but if we really want to do something, like catching that Bruno Mars concert, or staying up til' late night for the launch of an exclusive scarf, we will do everything on our part to make SURE it happens. You get me?

If you've been a long time follower of my social media accounts, you'd know that I've been open about seeing a therapist/counsellor/psychologist, whatever you call it, in order to sort out my life whenever I need it. My therapist would always use Yoda's famous words on me: "Do or do not, there is no try." She says this to me whenever I tell her: "I'll try." Usually, when we say we'll try, what it really translates to is = I'll just give it my 30% and see if it works out. If you want any part of your life to improve, you HAVE to give it your 110%. You've to make some necessary sacrifices in order to achieve what you want.

That could mean sticking to a strict schedule: sleeping early and waking up early. In fact, during the times I've stayed with my friend Aida Azlin, I'm in awe of her dedication to creating quality content and publishing them on time. She has a fairly strict routine which revolves around her making and editing content. She's up really early and even if she falls asleep late, she hardly allows herself to wake up late as this would mean less time for her to write her newsletters and edit her videos. I studied journalism and went through years of writing articles and editing audio and video footage so I understand just how time consuming those tasks can be. 

Is it easy to change? No.

Do I've to make difficult sacrifices? Change my routine?

Oh, yes.

By definition, the word 'change' means something that is different.

Therefore to SEE a difference, you need to do things differently.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”
— Source unknown

We can't expect our lives to change if WE don't change or make necessary changes to our lives. Something that I've learnt in my adulthood is that even being emotionally stable takes a lot of hard work. Even the task of staying physically fit requires us to keep up with certain habits, all of which takes discipline and consistency.

I hope to make a few big changes in my life this year and work hard at maintaining them. If there's anything that GE14 have taught us, it's to make different choices. Wouldn't you agree?


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