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Finding Peace In The Park

Finding Peace In The Park


Many of us lead very chaotic lives—often juggling many things at once. Sometimes, multitasking appears to be the only way but incorporating more mindfulness into your life isn’t an impossible thing to do. If you don’t know how to do your job without multitasking then make sure you set aside time every day to focus on just one thing that you enjoy doing. Make sure it’s an activity that actually has a goal you’ve to work towards for example: if you’re reading, make sure you have in mind how many pages you want to finish.

It’s no secret now that I’ve recently become a fan of jogging. I’ve always incorporated exercise in my day-to-day life however, for the longest time, I preferred mostly indoor activities such as running on the treadmill. My preference for outdoor activities grew mid last year when I started feeling rimas being indoors all the time. My anxiety was acting up: I just couldn’t stand being in the same space all day and needed a breath of fresh air—quite literally!

The Healing Power of Nature

We underestimate how much being close to nature can heal us. Rasulullah ṣallā llāhu ʿalayhi wasallam said: “Allāh created this Earth as a place of prayer…” and the nature of prayer is that it centres your entire being to the One that created you. A lot of times when we find ourselves feeling troubled, we have lost our ‘centre’ and are instead, all over the place. We are not mindful, we are focused on too many things.

When you think about it: it’s so unnatural for humans to be confined inside concrete buildings all the time. Our ancestors were farmers, hunters and gatherers of food. They were always out in the sun with their feet on the earth. Nowadays, everything is being replaced with machines and we don’t move our bodies as much as we should.

I’ve just arrived in London 2 days ago and although I’m still suffering from jetlag (it’s ok, I love it), I’ve made it a point to not neglect my usual jogging sessions. Jogging during winter has its down side: sometimes your chest hurts because the air you breathe in is so cold plus it’s always raining. But jogging is jogging—any exercise will do your body GOOD.

Despite the grey weather, I had a beautifully calming time being in my happy place: the park. Here are some of the things I do while jogging to enhance my overall experience:

  • Make good intentions before jogging e.g. I’m doing this to take care of the body Allāh has entrusted me to take care of.

  • Take deeper breaths.

  • Do lots of stretches.

  • Observe my surroundings and appreciate everything I see.

  • Say alhamdullilah loads of times for the gift of health.

  • Acknowledge and appreciate how hard my body works to keep me going

I know jogging or any kind of exercise has benefits to our body but I jog mostly to appreciate the gift of life on this earth no matter how temporary it may be. Good health that comes with our age is a huge blessing and everyday, I know not to belittle this beautiful gift.

Jogging is something I do not only as a form of exercise but how I choose to reward myself after a long day of work. Ironically, sitting down and staring at the screen can sometimes tire you mentally so a change in environment is always good.

I just realised how short this blog post is—you can expect a longer one next week. I’m still settling myself down so bear with me, lovelies. 😇I’ll be updating my blog every Wednesday this month so be sure to check!

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