Malaysian born & raised. An Ipoh girl with a Kedahan twist. 

A trained journalist who dabbled in advertising shortly after graduating from uni in UK. I live for deep, meaningful conversations and somehow, life has a way of putting very special people on my path. I'm a spiritual being and find very little interest in anything or anyone that doesn't help me grow as a person. 

Why 'Dear Sarina'?

When I started this blog, I didn't want to go down the route of being a lifestyle blogger. If you're looking for regular updates on what I wear and put on my face, there are thousands of other blogs for that. Instead, I want to share meaningful posts that others could hopefully relate to and grow from. The title 'Dear Sarina' itself reminds me to stay true to that vision and more importantly, to myself. For my fellow Malaysians, click here to learn the purpose behind this blog.